Tensorflow: Creating a Smarter World Using Deep Learning to Improve Lives

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Tensorflow – Progress.

It’s something that is inevitable and mysterious. Plans are drawn, schedules made, and goals, set with one thing in mind: Progression. It is easy to talk about progress, but actually to achieve it, innovation, problem-solving, and a deep understanding of where progress leads. As a human race, we have made staggering progress in the understanding of artificial intelligence. Algorithmic computations that are capable of implementing machine learning and deep learning technology by teaching software to understand and learn differentiating functions that allow certain actions to be carried out as a result of a computational output from collected data. Tensorflow is an open source code released by Google’s Brain Team. This is the forefront of today’s machine learning craze. Finding experienced AI software developers nearshore in Romania can be difficult when doing a simple search because outsourcing saves money regardless of the quality that is sacrificed with not choosing near shore developers that understand local markets.

How Is Tensorflow Changing the World?

Believe it or not, machine learning is more than just a craze. It is more than a bubble. Truth is, machine learning and rapid deep learning software development is something that is extremely practical in everyday life. The necessity to quickly teach and employ certain artificial intelligence software can be widely beneficial in both an economical and worldly problem-solving way. How is this possible you may ask?

The technology and development behind Tensorflow is not new. In fact, this has been a work in progress for the past twenty years. Over the last few years the general public, including curious developers have gained access to this open source coding thanks to Google’s Brain Team. A newer dataset of Tensorflow is the Object Detection API, capable of making quantitative and qualitative assessments from a variety of imaging sources. For instance, for farmers, produce, crop, and yield are everything. How much of what you have matters. This innovative advancement can hone in and provide these answers quickly and with minimal error. This is a broad view of the capabilities of this ready-to-improve machine learning technology. Artificial intelligence harnesses the ability to learn, process, and make accurate computational decisions that can quickly reduce the time spent doing tedious and repetitive actions.

Focusing in a more concentrated area of Tensorflow and their new Object Detection library comes a new way farmers are doing business. What happens when you have truckloads of produce that need to be quickly sorted for quality before hitting the market or being sent to vendors? By implementing Google’s Tensorflow coding that is constantly being changed, updated, upgraded, and vetted by some of the best minds in the world, which reduces the learning time needed for artificial intelligence by providing a base set of core value to build on and direct for certain goal acquisitions. In this example, a Japanese cucumber farmer uses artificial intelligence with machine learning to help sort his produce. The software is educated or taught what type of cucumbers are considered acceptable and which are not. Once the machine was taught the differences between good and bad cucumbers, the developed machine did the rest. This drastically improves the quality of business by providing consumers with quality products that can be quickly assessed and distributed to maximize freshness and quality.

Nearshore Developers Improving Startups

In Romania, software development, carried on by its nearshore outsourcing attractiveness, is improving and providing innovative and impactful deep learning and artificial intelligence by staying ahead of the market and on top of local needs. Romania has been at the top of the nearshore innovation pyramid, distinguishing itself in the nearshore sourcing sector, rivaling against other outsourcing destinations, which focus on people volumes. As Tensorflow continues to grow, the implementations of this technology will shape the future of tomorrow, starting with today. Find the best nearshore Tensorflow developers Romania has.  Send a message and find out how deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence can improve your business.