We keep a narrow focus on a few technologies, where we provide the top notch nearshore developers:


  • AngularJS
  • Typescript
  • ReactJS
  • EmberJS
  • Backbone.js
  • Koa.js
  • Web components (X-Tags, Polymer, Shadow DOM)
  • Back-end: node.js, express.js, total.js

Microsoft technologies (we’re insanely good with this)

  • .NET Framework (ASP.NET, C#)
  • .NET Core 2.0 (with ASP.NET Razor Pages)
  • XAML, Metro UI
  • Silverlight
  • SharePoint
  • 365
  • SQL Server, SQL Azure
  • C/C++, MFC, ATL/COM, ActiveX, Win32 SDK, Golang (yes, we know it’s not MS)
  • Microsoft Office Development: VBA, VSTO, XLL, RTD
  • Windows Azure, AppFabric, Windows Workflow Foundation

Java Environment:

  • Standard 3-tiers architectures, with both thin and rich clients
  • MVC-based architectures (Struts)
  • REST-based architectures
  • SOA-based architectures (Web Services, JMS, JCA)
  • EJB (Enterprise Java Beans)
  • JPA (Java Persistence API)
  • JMS (Java Messaging Services)
  • JCA (Java Connector Architecture)
  • JCR (Java Content Repository) – JSR170/JSR283
  • Portal-based architectures – JSR168/286
LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL)

Low-code and Integration Platform-as-aSevice (iPaas)

  • OutSystems
  • Dell Boomi

Mobile Development

  • Android: Android SDK, Kotlin
  • Apple (iPhone, iPad): iOS ObjectiveC, Swift
  • Windows Phone 8, Windows 10 Mobile
  • Ionic, Cordova, Xamarin