SaaS powered by nearshore

The rise of SaaS – where do nearshore developers fit in?

With its ubiquitous presence, SaaS may soon be written in lowercase fully. Leveraging scalability, lower customer acquisition costs and recurring revenues, SaaS is looking to replace traditional software (both consumer and enterprise) almost completely by 2030. Fueled by the lockdown, SaaS solutions accelerated their evolution as go-to means for most personal and business needs. The […]

Nearshore Front-End Developers

Let’s consider a developer named Jack for a minute; Jack is a talented front-end developer who provides quality work. However, he lives in a neighboring country known to churn out astounding technical talent – he is a nearshore front-end developer (ah, the redundancy!). Still, employers love him, and would go to extreme lengths to employ […]


Nearshore Software Services from Eastern Europe and South America

Nearshore Software Outsourcing – the SouthAm- Eastern Europe Wave Gets Momentum in the US and the UK The new digital economy is fast becoming a reality. Global economies, from Canada in the Americas to UK in Europe and India in Asia, are passing decrees and resolutions that will safeguard a prosperous future in the digital […]


dotNear expects 40% increase in revenues in 2014

dotNear, a Romanian application development provider, announced today that it expects its revenues for 2014 to increase by 40% compared to the 2013 results. The company, which specializes in nearshore agile software development also said it would exceed the 100 employees mark by the end of the year. dotNear attributes the projected growth to consolidation […]