Nearshore Front-End Developers

Let’s consider a developer named Jack for a minute; Jack is a talented front-end developer who provides quality work. However, he lives in a neighboring country known to churn out astounding technical talent – he is a nearshore front-end developer (ah, the redundancy!). Still, employers love him, and would go to extreme lengths to employ […]

How Is Romania Faring as Eastern Europe’s Prime Outsourcing Destination?

Romania has firmly emerged to be an epicenter of outsourcing mainly for white-collar intellect including data crunching, bookkeeping, research and development. Today, hundreds of American companies have outsourced services to Eastern Europe. Most notably, I.B.M., Morgan Stanley and Dell not only have outsourced services to Romania, but have also helped other American companies do so. […]

business outsourcing fails

12 Factors to Ensure Your Outsourcing Fails

Its becoming increasingly popular for many companies to turn to outsourced talents and skills in order to slash their expenses as well as get the best results. This is most especially seen when it comes to software development. However this doesn’t mean there won’t be any flawed partnerships or mistakes made between a company and […]

custom software vs off-the-shelf solutions

Factors to Consider When Choosing Custom Written Software Over Packaged Solutions

Balancing between the immediate needs and the long-term growth of a startup is as vital as it is challenging. That is why it is necessary to answer questions that arise such as if its better to invest in long-term strategies or embrace a less expensive approach. For instance, the critical buy vs build decision, is […]


8 Outsourcing Tips That can Save Your Startup

Rapidly growing startups are applying outsourcing techniques as a strategy to venture into technology in a major way. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding outsourcing for software development which as a result has led to many potential startups wasting both time and resources that they honestly can’t afford. Fast paced startups as well as […]


Nearshore Software Services from Eastern Europe and South America

Nearshore Software Outsourcing – the SouthAm- Eastern Europe Wave Gets Momentum in the US and the UK The new digital economy is fast becoming a reality. Global economies, from Canada in the Americas to UK in Europe and India in Asia, are passing decrees and resolutions that will safeguard a prosperous future in the digital […]

Angular JS

Why You Should Consider Angular.js and Node.js for Your Next Development Project

by Warren Tudor, Director, dotNear Many agile development teams (onsite and nearshore team extensions) already use JavaScript (Angular.JS) extensively as a UI development technology, combined with different backend technologies (such as Node.JS), so it makes sense to explore how we can extend the use of this technology. Angular.JS and Node.js help to solve some difficult problems […]

Nearshoring to Romania

Nearshore software development Romania

The outsourcing phenomenon has hit hard in Romania. This can be attributed to the fact that the Nearshore software development Romania industry competes favorable with traditional outsourcing giants. On the metrics of employee attrition, infrastructure, federal incentives, cultural gaps, wage inflation, innovation & invention, entrepreneurship and educational quality; Bucharest is indeed turning to be a globally acclaimed […]

Future Tech

9 Defining Business Technology Trends

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” These were the words of Albert Einstein, some more than 6 decades ago. Technologies advance amazingly fast! So fast that most of us are surprisingly fascinated when that new device from Sci-Fi movies becomes an everyday appliance. Today, tech conferences and corporate press […]


Enterprise Software Development for Modern Enterprises

Enterprise software involves applications that large organizations use to conduct line-of-business operations such as business intelligence, communication, accounting and collaboration of customer relationship management, human resources and content management systems. Enterprise software describes the collection of computer programs with common business applications, and tools for modelling how the entire organization works, plus development tools for […]