7 Ways to Measure Your Current Nearshore Service Provider

You’ve weighed your options and have decided outsourcing certain development projects is not only beneficial for your pocket, but also provides concentration within project development (i.e., a skilled expert in one area of focus). The decision to outsource was not the tough choice here at hand. Offshoring and nearshoring software providers are everywhere and narrowing […]

Tensorflow: Creating a Smarter World Using Deep Learning to Improve Lives

Tensorflow – Progress. It’s something that is inevitable and mysterious. Plans are drawn, schedules made, and goals, set with one thing in mind: Progression. It is easy to talk about progress, but actually to achieve it, innovation, problem-solving, and a deep understanding of where progress leads. As a human race, we have made staggering progress […]

Nearshore Software Development Partner- How to Spot a Keeper

The benefits of outsourcing software development to a nearshore software company are numerous. It has become clear over the years that outsourcing saves a lot of time and hidden costs. Also it can radically improve the quality of work due to the quick aces to skilled developers. Traditional software outsourcing typically involves working with developers […]

Trends in Offshore Software Development

  The outsourcing of information has been taking place now for over a decade. In the era of globalization and continuous change, business has become ever more challenging. The digital era has bought a great deal of opportunities with it. Nevertheless, the industry has become more challenging now, making it hard to keep up if […]

What is Custom Software Development?

It is almost needles to mention that today’s society is dependable on software development. The foundation that enables big or small corporations to prosper and survive depends on decisions that enable companies to have aces to the best developers. It also depends on the company’s ability to best accommodate to the preferences and expectations of […]

Benefits of Working with a Nearshore Software Development Team

Software products have become a consistent part of our daily lives. Not only do they make our lives more easy but they also keep things interesting and simple. They represent the brain of every machine available out there. Big companies such as Ford, Dell, Boeing and even McDonald’s are reliant on software to produce a […]

Romania – Recommended place for Nearshore Software Outsourcing

Romania has largely developed into one of the most promising IT outsourcing hub in Europe as it proves to be a major cost-effective environment with a large force of skilled and high qualified IT professionals. Over the past couple of years, it has not only attracted major IT giants into its fold, but also had […]

Nearshore Front-End Developers

Let’s consider a developer named Jack for a minute; Jack is a talented front-end developer who provides quality work. However, he lives in a neighboring country known to churn out astounding technical talent – he is a nearshore front-end developer (ah, the redundancy!). Still, employers love him, and would go to extreme lengths to employ […]

nearshore agile model

Nearshore Agile Development – Trends & Benefits

Outsourcing as We Knew It Companies outsource work to cut costs and operate more efficiently. In the past, corporations and organizations the world over outsourced to China, India and Eastern Europe. However, the drawbacks of outsourcing business function to faraway locations have been hard to miss. Cultural differences, communication problems and time differences have been […]

How Is Romania Faring as Eastern Europe’s Prime Outsourcing Destination?

Romania has firmly emerged to be an epicenter of outsourcing mainly for white-collar intellect including data crunching, bookkeeping, research and development. Today, hundreds of American companies have outsourced services to Eastern Europe. Most notably, I.B.M., Morgan Stanley and Dell not only have outsourced services to Romania, but have also helped other American companies do so. […]