UX, UI Design & Prototyping

UX and UI rule the realm of the web development world without dispute, and are decisive for the success of any application.

Our primary goal is to create simple, yet very intelligent design patterns with high aesthetic value. As easy as this may sound, a lot of effort and creativity go into delivering highly intuitive, clean and high performing interfaces, which preserve their aspect and utility irrespective of the device used.

It’s the simplest things in the world which are the most difficult to create.

dotNear is highly experienced in designing intuitive and engaging user interfaces across web and mobile applications. We use wireframes, which break an application down into outline designs for each screen, and define the flow a user takes through the application to achieve their objectives.

We also develop UI prototypes for key user journeys and interactions which are much closer to a final UI implementation. dotNear has developed a unique approach for the rapid prototyping/development of rich user interfaces. This approach delivers a fully working client application with minimal backend development required.

Once tested and validated this prototype can quickly evolve into a production ready client application. The dotNear team includes specialists in both design and front end development. We are are highly skilled in responsive HTML & CSS, Foundation/Bootstrap, Javascript frameworks and Web components.