As well as developing cutting edge web, mobile and business applications, dotNear has a mature Research and Development capability. So if you need to research, understand and solve challenging technical problems, or evaluate the feasibility and review potential technology options for specific business problems, we can assign highly experienced staff to deliver results quickly and cost effectively.

We will help you:

  • assess and prototype new ideas
  • demonstrate proofs of concept to investors or the Board


Our deep technical and domain expertise, combined with a highly collaborative agile delivery approach means we can deliver outcomes quickly to meet the most challenging business deadlines, but still based on robust and scalable technologies and architectures.

Our R&D team includes experts in several fields:

  • database technologies
  • big data & blockchain
  • machine learning & deep learning
  • predictive algorithms
  • super resolution & computer vision


We collaborate in academic research programmes through our strong links with the city’s best universities. Our R&D staff are mainly PhDs, and as well as being super smart, they also have the ability to solve hard business and technical problems through the innovative and pragmatic application of technology.