Application Maintenance and Support

Ensure continuity, increase availability and keep your applications afloat leveraging dotNear’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) – based suite of Application Maintenance and Support services

  • Production apps continuity – SLA-based corrective maintenance meant to keep the apps running at all times
  • Business support – enhancive maintenance with new functionalities to match business evolution
  • Marketing support – changes to reflect marketing, branding and positioning evolutions

One of the Application Maintenance and Support phases where dotNear is highly skilled at is picking up the existing code quickly. Using a mix of code review, stakeholder interviews and portfolio analysis, we are able to figure out the key points and possible performance bottlenecks, and prepare our AM&S strategy accordingly.

As an exception to our otherwise all-encompassing Agile approach, in certain AS&M projects we favour Prince2-type / Waterfall methodologies in order to ensure the quickest resolution time and correct prioritization of reported issues.

At the beginning of any AS&M project, we conduct discussions with our customers to reach a mutual understanding of:

  • The definition of “Working properly” for any software application we maintain
  • The acceptance tests that any maintenance task must pass before it is deployed
  • Quality standards to which we must adhere
  • Metrics that are to be measured and improved against over the partnership lifecycle