Application Development

Our goal is to understand how our clients interact with their clients and what is the value that they are trying to bring to their customers’ table, such that we may provide optimal help.

dotNear blends together technical excellence, nearshore proximity, clear communication and a collaborative approach to application development.

Software development team extension is our core business, and managing productive teams of nearshore developers (team extensions for your internal engineers) is what we are good at. With that in mind, we keep an open eye on the end result: software products and custom applications, which we develop most of the times in a joint effort with our customers although we are known to deliver when we work on our own, as well.


What do we need and what can you expect from us?

  • Our Credo is ABS – Always Be Shipping. Being Agile is in our very fabric, and this is why we complete each sprint with a potentially shippable product.
  • We understand the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) concept and apply it to Application Development. This helps you serve your users faster, yielding apps that are lean and mean.
  • We can deal with the entire application development ourselves, or work fully integrated with your internal development team. We are good to help with UI/UX and Business Analysis, as well.
  • What we need from you is constant communication / feedback, and the involvement of a Product Owner on your side.
  • With dotNear, you can expect a team of very skilled, crossfunctional engineers on our side, all of them fluent in English, handpicked from one of the world’s best regions for highly educated technical talent – Romania.