We’re teaching JavaScript Stack Courses at the University of Bucharest

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Our colleagues Radu, Bogdan, and Andrei have just started teaching a one semester JavaScript & Node.JS course, at one of the top Romanian universities – the Bucharest University, the department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

The course consists of both theoretical basics and practical, hands-on work. It tackles topics related to server-side Javascript and web development.

JavaScript in the context of Node.JS

The course introduces JavaScript fundaments and multi-paradigm concepts. The syllabus covers callbacks, event-driven programming and closures, presented in the context of Node.JS, a server-side tehnology.

During the practical part of the course, students learn to develop small web applications using Node.JS, which lay the groundwork for more complex apps (e.g. basic shopping-cart applications, webchat etc).

At the end of the semester, Romanian students will each develop and present a fully functional web application of their choice (which they also get to spec themselves).

Our partnership with the Faculty of Mathematics @ the Bucharest University goes back a long time, with multiple collaborations over the years. It is our way of giving back to the community and helping cultivate future talents.