Nearshore Software Development Partner- How to Spot a Keeper

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The benefits of outsourcing software development to a nearshore software company are numerous. It has become clear over the years that outsourcing saves a lot of time and hidden costs. Also it can radically improve the quality of work due to the quick aces to skilled developers.

Traditional software outsourcing typically involves working with developers located on another continent, which can be quite challenging from a number of reasons, such as the possible language barriers, the differences in time zone and the general communication issues that might emerge. In light of such complications nearshoring has become a more efficient and popular solution when it comes to high quality results and employee engagement.

In the era of globalization a lot of companies have improved their competitive edge and made the decision to outsource. Thus, is has become imperative for a corporation to be able to spot a development partner in the long run. Looking for the best provider is not easy but in a connected world driven by the digital era, offers are abundant. Having aces to a devoted team that works at its full potential is not impossible if you can spot the right qualifications your future development partner needs.

When choosing the right development partner, is important to look for the right kind of involvement when it comes to the company’s needs, for the right skillset and mindset. Another important aspect that needs to run smoothly is communication. Asking for a decent knowledge of English from your partner, weekly demos or daily progress reports is normal in order to establish a healthy business relationship. Start by outlining your needs and narrowing your search parameters down.

Take a step back and try to asset your situation and prioritize your needs. Use this information to fill in the gaps and decide whether those gaps you need to fill represent long or short term challenge. By doing so, you will be able to tell which technology stacks you need to improve and which particular branch you need to supplement. During this process always try to keep in mind that a certain amount of compatibility between existing skillsets and future add ups is required in order for things to run smoothly.

If your business needs a long term partner, is best to ensure that your future partnership is compatible with the requirements of your company and that the business relationship is not limited to skillset only. In order to keep a healthy business for month or maybe years there must also be a shared company vision that you can work with. Taking an active part in the recruitment process improves the chances of assembling a team that best suits your company’s needs. Also, is best not to reject a candidate because of its apparent lack of experience. Sometimes a person with developed inter-personal skills might just be what your team needs.

The key when searching for the best development partner is proper communication whether through email, instant messenger or daily updates. By constantly keeping in touch you can properly asset how much your company benefits from this specific partnership. Another useful tip when it comes to picking the best outsourcing partner is to consider the size of your company. If your company is small to mid-sized then is best to partner up with an outsourcing partner that is not bigger than yourself. This way you can make sure that you will not be at a disadvantage if a problem arises.

The right outsourcing partner will not only be familiar with the technical requirements, but will also provide specific industry experience and rich product knowledge necessary to complete your project. Before deciding on a potential partner is advised to ask for some custom references. Not every outsourcing company has experience in every field, so make sure that your future partner has worked with similar requirements before.

A software development partner that understands the ever changing landscape of technology and its continuous need to evolve and become better, will be capable to provide you with long time success. Only when a company understands the core values on which it has been built, high quality services will be maintained. When those values are important to all the employees your experience as their client will be satisfying. Only by the ability to build a solid culture around your company – that people enjoy to be a part of- you will be able to maintain tech talents. The bottom line is that you just have to ask yourself if you want to be part of that company and share a part of their values.

When tech companies join their software development efforts with an outsourced development team, they usually end up pursuing the same goals which provides both parties with more flexibility enabling them to work better. So enjoy the benefits this partnership has to offer.