Romania Nearshore Programming

Founded in 2006, dotNear is a nearshore software development company, guided by agility, transparency and technical excellence. We are based in Bucharest, Romania.

We specialize in building and managing dedicated software development teams for European clients out of our nearshore location, just 2+ hours by plane from most European cities.

Our edges are Agile Processes + Technical Excellence.

dotNear’s associates are:

  • Winners of the Romanian Olympics team for Computer Science and Mathematics;
  • Major contributors to programming forums and technology communities;
  • Passionate for technology well into their spare time – working on fascinating personal projects
  • Teaching practical programming courses at the top Bucharest universities.

Reference-able customers are happy to testify we have the best technical talent they have ever worked with.

We keep the focus on outcomes

The complexity of our projects ranges from run-of-the-mill business applications (which we treat very seriously) to developing one of the first open source database for Big Data or developing a hardened, more secure version of the Android OS (projects that most of our competitors would not be able to handle, nor possess this kind of expertise).

Our customers rely on technology to deliver their services – from tech start-ups to established technology or financial service companies. They are looking to expand their delivery capabilities leveraging the talent pool and expertise of a nearshore software development company. Our areas of specialization are .NET, JavaScript and Java, also reaching into algorithmic research, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

We apply agility to nearshore software development

Agility is etched in our DNA – actually dNA (dotNear Agility). dNA is what we call our set of initiatives meant to improve our nearshore Agile development processes. Our path to agility uses internal willingness (agile training, coaching, induction programmes for new hires), as well as outside counsel.

We have partnerships with Agile Coaching organizations, who hold periodic seminars on agility with our team, helping us improve and keep up to date with current trends in software development in general, and agile processes in special. For the past years, we have been adapting our Agile processes and approach to work in a geographically distributed environment, required by nearshore software development. Our Agile expertise has been called upon repeatedly to drive Agile Transformation programs with several of our customers.

We are active participants to the tech scene

Since our beginnings, dotNear have contributed to the tech community, in Romania and beyond. dotNear is one of the few nearshore software development companies with a major participation in the development of highly-accurate computer vision projects.

We have strong partnerships with Romanian universities and hold regular courses in applied software development and agile processes.