Our Team

Behind every successful project delivery is our highly skilled and committed team of nearshore software developers. Our people are our most important asset, and we go to great lengths to ensure that each individual is empowered to make a difference through his/her work.

dotnear nearshore software developers

  • Focus on outcomes: Our philosophy – shared by each of our nearshore software developers – is that the primary focus should always be on the business outcomes desired by the client, not on a slavish adherence to process. That is why we regard ourselves as naturally agile and why we have embraced methodologies such as Scrum.
  • Stability: We take great pride in the loyalty of our colleagues to the company and to our clients, and are proud of the fact that no-one has ever left us to join a competitor. In the small number of cases where staff have moved on from being nearshore software developers to working in other verticals, they did so with our blessing and with a sense of satisfaction that dotNear has helped them in their personal and professional development.
  • Pipeline: we hold a great pipeline of pre-vetted graduate applicants from the prestigious universities in Bucharest, plus those keen to join us from local competitors (we have the best reputation as an employer of top software development talent in Romania). The pipeline helps us staff up quickly for new clients.
  • Communications: Nearshore software developers require more than technical talent: strong command of English, openness and adaptability are all part of the JD from day one. Romanians are great communicators, and all of our staff are required to be genuinely fluent in English.
  • Experience: our nearshore software developers have on average more than 6 years commercial experience developing software using multiple technologies in multiple sectors.
  • Our philosophy in recruitment: take the time to really know the people you will be working with.