Nearshore Agile Development – Trends & Benefits

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nearshore agile model

Outsourcing as We Knew It

Companies outsource work to cut costs and operate more efficiently.

In the past, corporations and organizations the world over outsourced to China, India and Eastern Europe. However, the drawbacks of outsourcing business function to faraway locations have been hard to miss. Cultural differences, communication problems and time differences have been some of the more rampant problems affecting software off-shoring as we understand it. These issues make it harder to directly coordinate between software clients and developers. The fact that direct, unlimited communication is impossible leads to a host of issues, such as the need for software products to be heavily documented – leading to wasted time and possible errors in the product.

The Nearshore Agile Outsourcing Alternative

To avoid the negative implications explained above, more and more companies have turned to nearshore agile development, which involves outsourcing software works to countries that are closer by – and thus realizing the benefits organizations once sought from offshoring.

Combining nearshore outsourcing and agile development has so far born fruits for organizations that have tried this approach. Firms in North America have over the last few years been looking closer home (latin America), for cheaper but effective software development services. Latin America is within just hours from the North. The software development industry is characterized by highly innovative professionals, and the open business environment is nothing short of hospitable. As it is, executives can easily fly to nearshore agile software development locations to evaluate the progress of huge projects. Eastern Europe has also been an increasingly popular nearshore agile development hub especially for firms within Europe. The close proximity makes it possible for software to be developed with a minimum amount of pain.

Furthermore, development teams can take advantage of shared time to directly convert the client’s words into software functionality. This can reduce the timeframe for moving a working software module from months to just weeks. Another key factor that has contributed to the increased popularity of agile software nearshoring in the recent years is the ability to deploy development teams to corporate locations – when need be. As thus, when an organization needs a complex task to be executed within its physical premises, a nearshore agile development team can fly onsite within just a few hours – and at reduced cost!

Combining Nearshore and Agile Software Development

The direct, hands-on approach supported by agile software development makes a notable addition to nearshore software development. Today, most reputable nearshore agile development companies employ this lightweight framework to help teams handle persistently evolving functional and technical landscapes – and thus maintain a keen focus on the rapid delivery of business value. A nearshore outsourcing company that harnesses the power of agile can be an oasis of quality for your business needs.

Reaping the Benefits of Lean IT

Most nearshore agile software development firms employ the true principles of lean thinking in IT. These principles include an appreciation of product value, waste elimination, continual flow, perfection and continuous improvement. This implies that they strive to maximize quality at every stage of the project, and more so realize that while perfection is actually unattainable – clients demand nothing less! Nearshore agile development practices focus on making problems visible, and constantly re-evaluating the entire development process to enhance its efficiency.

The benefits that an organization can realize from nearshore agile outsourcing are indeed numerous. In Eastern Europe and Latin America, for instance, nearshore agile development firms establish continuity throughout the whole process, delivering at a manageable pace – which enables constant deletion of waste. While there has been no common consensus over what lies ahead in the future after nearshoring, it’s pretty clear that nearshore agile software development is the optimal model for the needs of the modern firm.