Nearshore Moldova Developers: What’s the Hype?

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Do you know Moldova for nearshore software development? You should.

The global IT market is becoming more competitive every day, and it is necessary to implement measures driven towards higher efficiency. With software developer needs at an all-time high, it’s important to identify nearshore locations, where and how business owners can hire an effective and efficient development staff. Finding highly skilled, tech-savvy professionals who can get the job is a tough task, and no one thought of Moldova… until recently.

Countries like Romania and Poland have long been in the game, providing excellent pools of individuals who fit the profile, with high competition on the labour market. Fortunately, there is another pool of multilingual technology professionals just across the border from Romania, in the Republic of Moldova.

Moldova, nearshore software development

Why Moldova?

Over 2,500 IT graduates per year. 23,000 ITC professionals active in the field. Moldova has a high number of qualified professionals ready to take on a variety of software development & IT jobs. The country boasts 90% fiber-optic network coverage and, in 2017, clocked very high average connection speeds, at 43.52mbps. Internet in Moldova is one of the fastest and cheapest networks in the world. This has allowed a generation of young, tech-savvy individuals to thrive in the marketplace. The mobile penetration rate exceeded 70% for the first time in 2018, respectively.

Moldova is a former Romanian province in Southeastern Europe, which puts it in the UTC +2 time zone. This geographic position allows professionals to fill the overlapping work hours, which fits perfectly into Western Europe work schedules. Hiring nearshore Moldovan developers allows companies to have quality, qualified professionals working on projects around the clock. Plus, over 100 countries, including all EU members, can enter the country visa-free. Chisinau is also only a three-hour flight from most major European hubs.

IT Services Exporter

Java, PHP, C+, JavaScript, .Net, and Python are only a few of the top ICT services and products available for use. Over 80% of IT services in Moldova are exported to other countries. Moldova has acted as a bridge between Eastern and Western nations, by funneling their technological expertise and qualified professionals into providing quality service that are also accessible. Over the past 15 years, Moldova has increased development of ICT service tenfold and shows no signs of slowing down.

Software Outsourcing Hub

With a Ministry of Technology and positive relationships with both the EU and the CIS, Moldova has positioned itself to be an up-and-coming software outsourcing hub.  Low corporate tax rates and strong anti-corruption measures have determined a number of established Western institutions to employ highly skilled Moldovan developers. English, German, Russian, and French are commonly spoken, so linguistic aptitude is another plus for companies looking to nearshore Moldova. In addition, they cooperate very well with possible outsourced Romanian teams, since they speak basically the same language (the Moldovan language being a dialect of Romanian).

Moldovan developers are consistently reported by software companies as highly disciplined and ambitious workers. Developers are typically young and have grown up seeing both West European and Russian influences, making them generally open-minded and hands-on. Brain drain has been an issue in the country, but that’s because individuals in the IT field are incredibly skilled. The exodus from Moldova happened at around the same time as that of Romania, since most young engineers also hold Romanian passports, and benefited from Romania’s accession to the EU in 2007. Hence those who stayed are likely to remain in Moldova (mainly in Chisinau, the economic heart of the country).

Innovation in the Republic of Moldova

The Republic of Moldova has been a standout for outperforming on innovation in relation to its GDP on the Bloomberg GII (Global Innovation Index) for a record nine years. It was also ranked 20th in the world for mobile app creation in 2019 and 7th in trademarks by origin. These are the types of innovations that make Moldova an influencer when it comes to outsourcing ICT and software development.

In 2017, the ICT Excellence center was opened, and will train over 1,000 IT professionals each year with skills needed within the IT sector. The center also has large co-working spaces and laboratories aimed at driving technological innovation. The center was developed as part of a collaboration between the Republic of Moldova, USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and the Swedish government.

Nearshoring to the Republic of Moldova

With proper infrastructure in place and economic and technological innovation advancing the nation, Moldova is primed for companies looking for untapped potential. Leveraging a tech-savvy workforce in a quickly developing nation, it’s important to utilize this opportunity to outsource to qualified professionals in the ITC sector, while rates are the lowest in the region. There is an entire population of IT professionals who have been overlooked for years. Their skillsets, ingenuity, and innovation can do wonders for your business. Get in touch with us today and see how we can facilitate nearshoring qualified Moldovan developers