Project Experience

Financial services

  • Exchange technology
  • Near-real time financial compliance and reporting
  • Fixed income (CDS, indexes)
  • Parsing technology
  • Interdealer broker technology
  • Price discovery mechanisms
  • Blockchain and intermediary-free transactions

Search algorithms

Predictive algorithms & machine learning with big data

Databases & big data

  • We have been developing an open-source database for one of our customers, currently similar in performance with MySql, and are much stronger than many – perhaps all – of our competitors in database design and optimization
  • Code-level database optimization
  • Bespoke database development (based on available open-source technologies)

Communities & social networks

  • Dating communities – the most successful one has more than 1.5 million registered users
  • Mobile app for social network
  • Facebook applications


  • Math test center
  • Platform for hosting and deploying online courses

Mobile applications

  • Progressive Web Application for event planning
  • Mobile platform which parses HTML and translates it into native code for iOS and Android
  • Porting various apps to mobile
  • Various mobile games