Every Company is an Experience Company. Oh, wait, that can’t apply to Nearshore Software Providers, or can it?

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Every company in the world – from the neighbourhood corner shop to the people running your pension scheme – must be an experience company. Now, mind you, the experience that they provide can be a positive or a negative one. It can enhance a person’s life or make them thankful that experience is over. This also applies to nearshore software providers, as it does to the guys selling us shoes.

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The head of every company in the world along with those working under them must be continually focused on making the experience a positive one or they will not stay in business long. Yet, many people fear that working with a nearshore software provider will disrupt the experience instead of enhancing it. Let’s look at those fears and the truth behind them.

Fear Number 1: Nearshore Software Providers Will Disrupt the Existing Business Flow

Customers do business with your company because they understand how the front-end of your business operates. Let’s look at a common example. You send your spouse – who never does grocery – to the store, chasing a box of your favourite cereal. You describe to your spouse the cereal’s exact location. When your spouse gets to the store, the cereal is not where you have described. They find the cereal aisle, however, the store has decided to rearrange how cereal is placed on their shelves. Therefore, your Significant Other gets home with the wrong cereal, and you are both upset. If this happens enough times, the Grocer’s’ customers will leave in droves, because people are creatures of habit that love predictability.

This does not need happen, and the product shelves can remain in their original arrangement, with no change imposed. What you could benefit from, though, are faster replenishments, fresher product and an overall improved experience for your customers.

Reality Number 1: Nearshore Software Providers Will Enhance Business Flow

Instead of disrupting the business flow, working with nearshore software providers enhances your business flow. In many cases, employees are relieved that they no longer must answer mundane questions. Instead, they can focus on providing a better business flow. Many companies find nearshore software providers particularly able at keeping their businesses running, allowing their employees to focus on providing better customer service and bringing new ideas to life, using software. While we looked at an example from retail, nearshore software providers are a great asset to almost every business flow, regardless of your industry.

Fear Number 2: Working with Nearshore Software Providers Will Disrupt Existing Employees

When you first announce to your team that you are bringing in nearshore software providers, you can expect worried faces. In fact, if not presented properly, you may find people quickly preparing their resumes because they fear that their job will be eliminated.

Reality Number 2: Working with Nearshore Software Developers Enhances Current Employees

Nearshore software developers will not replace your current workforce. Instead of people having to stay late or take work home with them, working with these professionals creates a better work/life balance. Mid-level managers usually love working with developers because they get more time to coach employees, helping you to develop a stronger organisation. Meanwhile, those who interact with your customers on a regular basis find that they have tools in their hands that assist them in doing a better job of customer service because their days are not filled with mundane activities. In fact, many companies cannot believe the creativity that comes when they start working with nearshore software developers who are prepared to work with an organisation’s upper management to achieve better results through agile software development practices, which incorporate specialized features.

Fear Number 3: Lack of Alignment with Company Goals

Many companies experience some pushback from stakeholders when they first start thinking about using nearshore software developers. While the wording can be different depending on individual circumstances, most of these concerns boil down to aligning development with company goals. There is no need to fear this feedback because as soon as your company converts, your stakeholders will start seeing amazing results.

Reality Number 3: Nearshore Software Aligns with Company Goals

When you work with the right nearshore software development company, your stakeholders will soon see that this was a perfect union because new software allows the company to meet and exceed company goals at an exceedingly fast rate because of the lean building process employed to create agile software.

There is no need to fear when you announce your team there will be help from nearshore software developers. It is a win for customers, employees, management, and stakeholders. Your company will be succeeding because you are meeting customer needs better, have happier employees, encouraging creativity in management and putting profits in shareholders’ pockets. In fact, the resounding answer to the question is that every company is an experience company, and it is the job of nearshore software developers to enhance yours.