Beyond AI/ML: What’s Next In Tech Innovation?

Artificial Intelligence is way past moment zero. The dawn of artificial intelligence and machine learning has come and gone. The hype has now become everyday language, so what’s in store for tech and what are the next steps? We see companies using Artificial Intelligence to gather data, in efforts to develop ways of making life […]

Outsystems and Cegeka (operating dotNear) sign strategic partnership

OutSystems , suppliers of Low-Code platform for application development, and Cegeka have signed a strategic agreement. Cegeka is going to use the OutSystems Low-Code platform with customers to accelerate application development projects. For example, Cegeka’s customers are able to guarantee flexibility, quality and a short time-to-market with software. Both OutSystems and Cegeka are expanding their ecosystems of partners across […]

On product-less R&D companies. Do you know how to choose your software fragrance?

Many claims that today’s perfume industry is served by a handful of R&D labs, wherefrom designers choose and tune a fragrance of their liking, then brand and monetize it. Most of the perfume labs don’t have fragrances of their own. The software development world is somehow very similar. Software production does not happen in the […]

The Differences: Understanding How Machine Learning is Different from Artificial Intelligence

“Artificial Intelligence” is no new term. It’s been loaded down with box office features of advanced futures whose civilizations have thrived and fell due to the concept of artificial intelligence, machines effectively assuming human-like roles. Beyond cinema entertainment, artificial intelligence (or AI from here on) encompasses more than a humanoid machine that can take over […]

The 10 “When”s of Python

1. When was Python developed? Contrary to its recent popularity, Python is not as new as some may think. In fact, Python was first developed and implemented in the late 1980s by Guido van Rossum of Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), who created and introduced this easy-to-use and extremely powerful open source programming language that […]

Which techie is the hardest to hire? Shortage of European Nearshore Developers 2018

Do you have an idea, project, or vision that you want to bring to fruition? Does the competitive nearshore outsourcing marketing have you confused on which of these tech companies offer not only the best rate, but the best performance? Are there even enough techies in software development close enough to you to get the […]

Cegeka, KPMG and Microsoft further optimize blockchain services

  Cegeka (the company operating dotNear), KPMG and Microsoft are collaborating in the Netherlands to optimize their service provision based on blockchain technology. Cegeka is a specialist in the various blockchain technologies – such as Corda, Ethereum, Hyperledger, multichain and Ripple – and brings the required technical experience to the group, also using its expertise […]