Nearshore Team Extension

Our Nearshore Team Extension model is your tactical advantage.

Fast addition of specific technical talent is a pressing, often ad-hoc need for any CIO or Product Manager. Between upcoming deadlines, long headcount approval flows, budget constraints and lack of available engineers, this can turn into a nightmare unless addressed in a timely, cost-effective manner. The nearshore team extension helps as a faster, more cost-effective option, producing additions to your internal team which are as good as your internal recruitment can offer.

Nearshore options for your JD

Imagine taking the JD you drafted for your internal HR and circulating it with a trusted nearshore provider of team extension services. Chances are the nearshore company has internal availabilities or is already looking for similar skills on the market. In Eastern European countries such as Romania, nearshore companies employ more than 60% of all software developers on the market. Positions are open all the time, and nearshore outsourcing companies cultivate long-term relationships with a multitude of candidates, for whenever the best-fitted opportunity may arise for each of them.

nearshore team extension developers Romania

This is why a nearshore team extension provider will probably be able to search through their network of existing, tested candidates and introduce candidates much faster than your own internal HR, providing the managed service advantages that a recruitment agency can not (pay as you go, flexibility to discontinue, etc).  

This is what you can do if you need to add new people to your existing team of developers without dealing with the extensive hiring process.

How is nearshore team extension different from a nearshore development center?

In short, it is about size and direct management.

If you want a full, independent nearshore team, specialized in a certain technology stack or working on particular sides of a project, managed by us, the nearshore provider, then a nearshore development center works best.

If, however, you have an otherwise great-perfoming team, which comes to need one (or several) precisely defined profiles to perform optimally, then the nearshore team extension will allow for that, under your direct management and internal processes. We, the nearshore company, will match competent candidates to your sought profile, and provide their services to you, under your management, corporate culture and business control.

Of course, you will be involved in the candidate assessment process, validating among the profiles we, the nearshore provider, bring to your attention for each skillset. These developers will be yours to manage as if they were part of your team, and we will offer all necessary support. In every aspect other than their labour contract, the nearshore team extension people will embrace your company’s vision, culture, processes and methodology.

The nearshore team extension model allows for the closest business relationship that you can have with software engineers without employing them directly.

Key advantages of Nearshore Team Extension

  • Scale your team up or down as needed. Additional or temporary resources can be provided at very short notice (depending on skillset).
  • Distribute tasks and responsibilities as you see fit to maximize team effectiveness;
  • Members of the nearshore extended team work fully integrated with your internal staff. They share commitments, responsibilities and get things done together.
  • You define the vision and steer the greater team towards your goals
  • Full transparency and efficient communication among teams by constant and direct contact;
  • Hardware and software equipment for the nearshore team matches your own internal setup.

By working with a nearshore partner such as dotNear under the team extension model, you will achieve resourcing speed, productivity and reliability. At the same time, shared values, proficient communication and cultural affinity between our nearshore Romanian developers and your team will remove possible barriers or frustration among your staff. For software outsourcing, it all boils down to an experienced nearshore provider with the right experience, attitude and tools, who is able to speak your exact language.

Reach out to us today to discuss how we can enhance your internal team with reliable nearshore talent.