Dedicated Nearshore Development Team

dotNear’s core offering

Building dedicated nearshore development teams is at the core of our business. To date, companies acting in Financial Services, Insurance, Internet / New Media, Technology, Manufacturing, Retail and Education have used our nearshore development team services.

Nearshore Development Team - Dedicated Software Engineers Romania

What is a dedicated nearshore development team?

Simply put, a dedicated team is just like a branch of your internal software development department, only it is not co-located. This extension to your own software development team gives you access to extra technical talent AND lets you adapt your workforce on-the-fly to changing needs.

You can choose to manage the dedicated team yourself, have it managed locally by our Engagement Managers, or take a mixed approach, delegating certain management functions nearshore, while retaining others with your internal team.

Least impact approach

When defining the operational and communication models, we use both our and your existing models and processes, combining and tailoring them to best answer to our specific collaboration context.

The easy path taken by many outsourcing providers is “we’ll use whatever it is you’re using”.

Experienced companies understand the broader landscape of available processes and tools, and are able to make recommendations which could actually improve the clients’ existing choices, either at the beginning of the nearshore relationship or as it progresses over time.

We are always open to improve our processes and we learn from each of our engagements, via internal knowledge sharing between dedicated teams. There is always room for improvement.

There is no single fit-all model , but one always has to tailor their processes to each specific context.

A nearshore development team is first built based on your existing requirements. Changes might trigger ramp-ups or decreases in the number of nearshore developers, seniority adjustments, re-allocating nearshore resources between tasks and sub-projects, all of which we can easily accommodate.

At the same time, we train our nearshore team members on any newly required technology or possibly replace them with people with the newly required skill-set.

Roadmap for a nearshore development team

This is how building a typical outsourced team extension looks, from day 1 up to a fully operational distributed team:


  • Understand your current context and business needs
  • Define and align objectives
  • Develop implementation plan and budget


  • Define profiles and job descriptions
  • Screen candidates (internal and external)
  • Technical validation of the candidates by both the nearshore tech lead and your technical staff


  • Perform knowledge transfer for the initial members of the dedicated software development team
  • Define processes, tools and metrics
  • Setup infrastructure & access (tools, accounts, etc).


  • Ramp up the nearshore development team to the required capacity
  • Develop applications, manage applications or both
  • Monitor and improve the processes
  • Recurring project governance meetings, according to pre-agreed schedule.

Our current approach to setting up a new nearshore development team is the result of continuous improvements and lessons learned in more than 10 years of bringing together top technical talent and agile processes to generate significant business outcomes for our customers.