Benefits of Working with a Nearshore Software Development Team

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Software products have become a consistent part of our daily lives. Not only do they make our lives more easy but they also keep things interesting and simple. They represent the brain of every machine available out there. Big companies such as Ford, Dell, Boeing and even McDonald’s are reliant on software to produce a variety of goods.

Due to the major role that these smart programs play in our everyday lives, the need for more software developers has increased dramatically. Nearshore development has become a great option, especially for the major companies that need a great number of developers to keep the business going. Because finding skilled developers in a short time is hard even for big corporations, businesses can hire developers that are located in countries with similar time zones.

Software developers not only write and implement such programs but they also deal with the design and testing of computer software. Already in the market place there is a segregation between the job of a programmer and the job of a developer, mainly because the job of the one who implements is different from the one who designs. Setting these issues aside, being a software developer is not easy and requires quite a few qualifications and some talent. The job of a developer is very valuable and well paid nowadays so, in order to reduce the costs that have to be spent on their employees, more and more corporations decide to turn to a nearshore software development team for best results.

The benefits of outsourcing software developers to a nearshore software development team are undeniable. First of all it eliminates most of the hidden costs because of the transparency and collaboration that is possible when working in close proximity and time zone. In recent years the industry has been developing greatly and more companies are starting to think of the quality of their services rather than cost-cutting. Unlocking additional business value has become the main motivation of corporations due to the high number of IT business out there. Thus, a set of complex skillsets are needed in the long run.

Working with external providers that have a record of offering excellent services is important because it defines the type of experience you will have. Many corporations search for new skills that are vital to the business is especially when the project requires something fresh. By choosing to benefit from nearshore outsourcing you can have aces to talented software developers that would normally be hard to find. That way you can assemble a great team of developers to work on an important project. Adding new developers to a team can also lead to fresh business decisions. Sometimes to develop means to be able to think out of the box so, with a nearshore outsourcing you can benefit from agile and valuable experience that new recruits have to offer.

Improving the quality of a code means generating value in the long run while accelerating your business. In comparison with onshore software development that can be more comfortable but is also more pricey and offshore developing that can be hard to maintain, nearshore developing seems the logical solution when it comes to saving money and being in touch at all times with your business. It’s a win-win solution that stands in between onshore and offshore software developing. You can benefit from it without any cultural or language barriers.

Nearshore software development offers the possibility of more often onsite visits that are cheaper compared to the offshore visits and help by reducing the time spend for such matters. It is cost effective and offers sustainable solutions when it comes to complex matters. Nearshoring allows company’s internal staff and external developers to meet in person more frequently. Usually there is little in person communication when it comes to offshoring and that usually results in misunderstandings.

An additional benefit comes from the similar time zone that allows meeting to take place at convenient hours during work hours. It can be hard to keep talented software developers if you are asking them to participate in meeting very early in the morning or very late. Another issue with offshoring development is the delay in response time when it comes to status updates or a simple fix. With a nearshore approach, the onshore project manager has more visibility, can communicate easily and quickly look into a nearshore project, rather then they would have in an offshore one.

Both parties benefit from such an arrangement. For small companies, this arrangement represents an opportunity to be associated with big corporations. For business, all of the mentioned advantages lead to a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

All in all the future of nearshore developing seems bright as it gains more and more notoriety and appreciation among IT giants.