Our Value Proposition

The software triple A’s. The nearshore 10X Teams.

  • dotNear employs the highest quality technical resources of any nearshore or offshore firm
  • Not all developers are the same. There is a huge variation in quality between and within technology companies.
  • Our recruitment strategy and personnel development programs ensure that we only employ and retain the 10x guys – those developers that can be several times more productive than the average engineer. Brought together by the same values, in teams where both business productivity and personal growth are possible and fostered.
  • dotNear developers win international programming tournaments. They do the most complex work. They rescue projects. They hold PhD’s in mathematics and computer sciences.

The Processes. Agility that fits.

  • Our Agile practice was designed and put in place by one of the original authors of the Agile Manifesto (2001)
  • We know Test Driven Development. We apply TDD. All our new hires go through real TDD training, and understand the difference between real TDD and cowboy-testing.
  • We know and apply pair programming. Where it fits, when it fits (not in all projects, not all the time). Our junior developers progress on average 55% faster than those of a typical nearshore competitor in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Collective code ownership. Team members are familiar with the entire code ecosystem, rendering your project safe from the bus-factor risk.
  • Governance. Hiding a project under the carpet and praying for the best is not what we do. You will get regular reports and status meetings / calls that take little time, but help resolve any potential risks to the health of your project.

Delivering business value through technology.

  • Track record in delivering complex business technology solutions predictive algorithms, analytics, integration.
  • Always up to date with latest technologies to boost software development efficiency. If it’s on the market, we probably know it (or even participated in developing it)
  • Much more than a ‘Dev Shop’ we offer complete services, including Business Analysis, R&D, Products, Business Critical systems, Integrated UX/UI Design.
  • Taking ownership of products / platforms built by other teams / consultancies.
  • Experienced Agile and Lean practitioners. Agile is in our DNA.