Our Value Proposition

The software triple A’s. The nearshore rockstars. The 10X.

  • dotNear employs the highest quality technical resources of any nearshore or offshore firm
  • Not all developers are the same. There is a huge variation in quality between and within technology companies.
  • Our recruitment strategy and personnel development programs ensure that we only employ and retain the 10x guys – those developers that can be several times more productive than the average engineer.
  • dotNear developers win international programming tournaments. They do the most complex work. They rescue projects. They hold PhD’s in mathematics and computer sciences.

Delivering business value through technology

  • Track record in delivering complex business technology solutions predictive algorithms, analytics, integration.
  • Always up to date with latest technologies to boost software development efficiency. If it’s on the market, we probably know it (or even participated in developing it)
  • Much more than a ‘Dev Shop’ we offer complete services, including Business Analysis, R&D, Products, Business Critical systems, Integrated UX/UI Design.
  • Taking ownership of products / platforms built by other teams / consultancies.
  • Experienced Agile and Lean practitioners. Agile is in our DNA.