dotNear operates elite nearshore software development teams out of Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

Nearshore Software Location

  • Size and Scalability: Bucharest is the 6th most populated city of the European Union, with a city-limit population just behind that of Paris. Bucharest is the largest city in Eastern Europe within the EU boundaries.
  • Talent Pool: Bucharest is home to the Polytechnic University (UPB), one of the largest technical schools in Eastern Europe, with 6,000 new technical graduates each year.Currently, about 40,000 software professionals work in the industry and more than half of them are involved in software services export (outsourcing) activities.
  • Language skills: Bucharest boasts one of the highest percentages of English speakers among its population under 40 years of age: 75% of them speak English either as a foreign or as a second language.
  • Proximity: Most European capitals are within 2.5 hours of direct flight from Bucharest (airport code: OTP)
  • Timezone: Romania’s time is GMT+2, a 1-hour difference to most countries in Europe and 2 hours to Great Britain.