How We Work

Long term relationships account for 85% of our projects

And that is because we are growing. We invest in long term relationships with our customers. However technically complex a project is, it all boils down to people getting along with other people and functioning together better than the sum of the parts. Early investments pay off in the project being ultimately successful.

Outcome-based work.

We are in the business to help our customers attain their goals more efficiently and effectively. Writing code is means to this end. This is why we always go about our work with the ultimate outcome in mind. This results in clean-cut, elegant solutions to problems and ensures that we and you – our customer – pull in the same direction at all times.


We apply Agile principles in all our projects – with SCRUM being the norm and Kanban also being used where required. Our teams are cross-functional, iterations always – but always – result in potentially shippable products, and we perform our own testing instead of completely relying on the customer to do that.


When a problem is detected, we believe it is best to bring it out in the open and discuss solutions rather than keeping silent, doing nothing and hoping for the best. In our soft skills trainings we emphasize the value of speaking up with all our associates. We are equally open to improvement suggestions from our customers or employees and believe in the power of two-way openness and communication.