Your nearshore base. We have:

  • Extensive experience on the Romanian nearshore software development market
  • High output nearshore teams with fast ramp-up (we do TDD, CI/CD, Domain Driven Design and Pair Programming, if your setup allows it; we will always suggest areas for improvement)
  • Direct validation of nearshore software development team members – you will know who is going to work for you, and have the decisive say in it
  • A nearshore location. Romania is the 2nd largest CEE country in the EU, 1 hour away from Denmark, Germany, BeNeLux, Sweden, Switzerland and 2 hours from the UK
  • Additional services:
    Data Science: Big Data / Data Architecture / Algorithms, iPaaS, Low-code solutions
  • Excellence Centers:
    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Vision


Nearshore development teams Elite Software Engineers

Development is a passion. Beyond work, our engineers are active contributors to technology forums or work on applications to help their community.


Speedy Software Development Services

48 hours is all we need to submit qualified engineer profiles for your request. In cases where we don’t have access to the proper resources, we’ll tell you so.


Risk Free Trial of Nearshore Software Development services from Romania

You get a two-week trial period for long-term developers you wish to add to your team.